Mind Under Matter

Writer. Filmmaker.
That guy you met at that bar once who doesn't recognize you.

"And Finally The News",
the award winning comedy news series directed and founded in 2013 by John Amaruso enters its fourth season on Youtube this summer!

Meshing elements of SNL's punchline punches of "Weekend Update" and the insightful satire of "The Daily Show", " And Finally The News " has brought together dozens of actors and political commentators to skewer the week's top headlines.

"Dead Men"
is the debut feature short film written by John Amaruso and directed by Rob Martin.

Their partnership under A&M Films continues to produce films for the big, and small screen.

Fiction Novels

"The Streets
Went Missing"

"Good as God"

What would happen if God suddenly revealed himself to have been living amongst mankind for centuries? Although the legend of his arrival and the destruction of most of humanity in its wake is well documented, the citizens of Liberita, the last standing civilization on the planet, set forth on the first unmanned voyage across the ocean since The Great Happening to uncover what exactly happened. What they find is a strange new world inhabited by primitive tribesmen governed by laws set out by the infamous diety thriving since the modern world collapsed 800 years prior. A deeper look into the founding of Omniscience and the people of Liberita discover their nation may have been founded on lies meant to conceal the dark universal truth of the relationship between Man and God.
So, you're a mad scientist who helped design an orbiting weapons drone program to aid a deep state organization to control humanity. Simple stuff right? Would be, if you didn't have a drug addiction used to treat your paranoid schizophrenia disorder. Also, the government is trying to kill you.
Enter the rambling world of mad scientist Dr. Preston, where up is down, down is up, and everyone he ever knew is in on trying to ruin him. After escaping execution by the deep state organization, Dr. Preston flees across the United States to expose the nature of his work. With government officials working tirelessly to change the narrative of his life to that of a paranoid conspiracy theorist, Dr. Preston encounters individuals who may or may not have been planted there to drive him more insane. But, then again, that could just be paranoia talking. 
Both of these novels are unpublished. If you are a publisher or are interested in these works, please contact John at Johnamaruso@gmail.com